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Nelson Patton - Last Year's Sunlight
Last Year's Sunlight


Nelson Patton - Along the Way
Along the Way (ft. Lonnie Holley)





Nelson Patton is a NYC-based instrumental duo of Dave Nelson and Marlon Patton. Drawing inspiration from ambient minimalism, jazz, polyrhythmic composition, and orchestral sonorities, the duo intricately weaves a sonic tapestry that defies genre boundaries. Since their inception in 2013, Nelson Patton has embarked on a sonic journey, exploring uncharted territories of improvised textures. Using trombone, drums, and electronics, they craft a rich palette that unfolds dynamically, providing a auditory experience that transcends the conventional.

Nelson Patton's early releases, including an EP and two full-length albums, mark key milestones in their musical evolution. The first album, featuring the captivating vocals of Lonnie Holley, sparked a lasting collaboration that continues to evolve organically. The duo’s contribution to Lonnie’s LP "Mith" was an integral part of that album’s success, resulting in critical acclaim and its inclusion on multiple year end lists for 2018. Lonnie’s short film made to accompany their track "I Snuck Off the Slave Ship" was premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Beyond the studio, Nelson Patton takes their sonic explorations on the road, often serving as Lonnie Holley's trusted touring band across the U.S. and beyond. Notable performances include “Le Guess Who” festival in Utrecht, LA Broad Museum’s Summer Happenings Festival, The Melbourne Jazz Festival, and an opening run with Animal Collective.

In their latest venture, the duo has joined forces with composer Paola Prestini to craft a collaborative masterpiece titled "Ancient City," slated for release in the spring of 2024.


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